• Range : 50V to 300V (per phase) up to 300A

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Microcontroller based design.

Digitally calibrated.

Computer interface through rs232/rs485.

Digital noise filtering, direct measure up to 400amp’s.

TRMS measurement, class of accuracy: 0.2%

Inbuilt surge protection in selectivity model.

User friendly operation with embossed keypad.

Tamper proof calibration & long term stability.

Portable in size.

High speed measurement.


To perform no load, block rotor & efficiency test of motor & pumps.

To perform load, load test of 1-ph & 3-ph distribution, power, control, Isolation & other transformers.

To test led light, stabilizer, air conditioner, fan, heater, ballast, cooler etc. domestic appliances.

To calibration voltmeter, amp meter, watt meter, pf meter, power source etc.

Educational institutes, degree /diploma/ITI colleges in electrical and electronics department.

To monitor power condition at renewable energy generation, mega mall, mobile base station etc.


Voltage          : 50v to 300v (per phase)

Ampere         : 0.250a to 80amp.

Watt               : 24w to 24kw (per phase)

VA                   : 24va to 24kva (per phase)

VAR                : 24var to 24kvar (per phase)

Freq.              : 45 Hz to 65 Hz